Brian graduated from Carleton University with his Honours BA and from the University of Ottawa with a Degree in Law.  Brian was called to the Bar by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 1981 and practices Family Law in London, Ontario.

Brian has been practicing law for over 30 years and he is committed to achieving the best possible results for his clients and their family.  While acknowledging that the legal process can be a frustrating and demanding one, Brian has demonstrated his abilities, skills and compassion for his clients and is able to succinctly and expertly address the problems that they are facing.  Brian has extensive experience in the courts and is an accomplished trial counsel who nevertheless seeks to settle matters where possible while fully achieving his clients’ goals and needs.

Brian has served as a panel lawyer for the Director of the Family Responsibility Office.  He serves as an agent lawyer for the Province of Ontario for the Minister of Community of and Social Services in collection issues related to support orders for London, Ontario and has been a presenter at the Middlesex Law Association annual conference for lawyers.

Brian’s approach is direct and client focused.  This approach will save you time, money and frustration.  Make an appointment today.

Approach Overview

Working with clients who are experiencing the breakdown of their marital or common law relationship is challenging and demanding.  It is not just the issues of custody, access and support that are extremely difficult for the parties to deal with.  The emotional side of the end of a relationship introduces an additional set of needs and issues that can complicate a resolution.

Access to the courts for their assistance in dealing with Family Law matters is reasonably quick in London, Ontario and one can expect an experienced Judge to hear the issue.  Cases are often resolved without having to go to trial but it is important to have ready access to the courts to deal with issues that cannot be resolved or unreasonable parties.

Clients need to hear the options available to them in resolving their case and to have a clear statement of the possible outcomes for their situation.  Brian strives to present to his clients a picture of the probable outcomes in their case and to clearly tell his clients what he expects the consequences of their actions and decisions will be in each case and on the issues within the case.  Brian believes that it is vital for his clients to have expectations of the legal process which are realistic.

Where it is possible and reasonable for the parties to settle matters without resorting the courts, this is encouraged but one must never be afraid to “put their case” before a Judge for a determination where the other party is being unreasonable or may be delaying matters unnecessarily.